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a height worker repairs a facade in Prague

Repairs and painting of facades

We offer comprehensive high-altitude services for the repair, renovation, and painting of facades. High-altitude work is the ideal solution for facade repairs in situations where the facade is difficult to access by conventional means. Utilizing climbing equipment for facade work is not only faster compared to scaffolding but also more cost-effective in the long run.

installation of anti-bird spikes on the parapet of a building in Prague

Installation of anti-bird systems

Pigeon spike systems are an effective solution for both repellent and preventive treatment against pigeons. Comprising a plastic strip into which thin stainless steel spikes are secured, these spikes prevent pigeons from landing on treated areas. As a deterrent, this method is highly effective at keeping surfaces pigeon-free without causing harm to the birds.

height correction of the cornice under the parapet

High-rise masonry work

We specialize in high-altitude masonry work, offering a range of services tailored to address structural needs at elevated positions, including:

  • Chipping and securing loose masonry

  • Emergency repairs and restoration of facades and plasters in high-rise buildings, targeting weathered and peeling areas

  • Masonry repairs of architectural elements such as cornices, sills, soffits, and attics, as well as chimney repairs and restoration

gutter full of leaves and dirt

Cleaning  of gutters and downspouts

Professional cleaning of gutters and downspouts at high altitudes ensures the removal of debris and effective drainage. Our services include inspection, cleaning, and maintenance with an emphasis on safety and quality. Rely on our experienced team and modern technology for comprehensive care of your roofs and facades.

high-rise demolition of the ceiling vault in a church

High-rise demolition

High-altitude demolition is essential when a structure cannot be dismantled in one go due to safety concerns or difficult access that heavy machinery cannot reach. We specialize in dismantling constructions piece by piece. This includes the manual disassembly of iron structures, old roofs, hazardous buildings, and chimneys—all accomplished using climbing techniques without the need for scaffolding.

high-rise installations

High-rise installations

We offer professional installation services at heights. We carry out installations on roofs, facades, and using platforms. Our services are available for various types of constructions. Thanks to our training in high-altitude work and our own installation equipment, we are capable of working on large-scale projects. Rely on our experts for safe and efficient installation services at heights.

renovation of a roof sheet metal attic

Renovation of roofing

During roof renovations, we utilize high-quality products specifically designed for metal, tile, and asphalt roofing materials. Our materials are selected for their top-notch quality and affordability, ensuring excellent results with every renovation. We provide comprehensive high-altitude services for various types of roofing, including installation, maintenance, and repairs.


High rise window cleaning

Our company specializes in window cleaning for hard-to-reach and completely inaccessible locations, including fixed windows, skylights, and fully glazed facades of office buildings. We also offer cleaning services for other surfaces such as advertising billboards. Our high-altitude services are ideal for situations where standard cleaning methods fall short. Rely on our expertise and techniques to achieve impeccable cleanliness even under the most challenging conditions.

coating of a bridge structure

High-rise coatings

Our company utilizes advanced climbing techniques for painting and protecting inaccessible locations such as bridge structures, high industrial chimneys, and wind turbines. This specialization allows us to efficiently and safely perform painting services on high-rise buildings, antennas, and other complex constructions. We provide comprehensive high-altitude painting services that include surface preparation, anti-corrosion protection, and final coatings, ensuring long-term protection and aesthetic enhancement of your building and industrial facilities.

building in need of repair of expansion joints

Sealing expansion joints

Sealing joints in high-rise buildings is a critical service for protecting against water ingress and adverse weather effects. Our specialized sealing techniques create an effective barrier that prevents water penetration, safeguarding the structural integrity of your buildings. Additionally, properly sealed joints keep out wasps, hornets, birds, and other insects, preventing nesting issues and maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your buildings. Our high-altitude services provide a comprehensive solution to preserve the long-term condition and integrity of your property.

blank billboard

Advertising banners

Whether you need installation, cleaning, or repair of advertising banners and tarps, our company provides comprehensive high-altitude services to ensure that your advertising materials are always in perfect condition. Thanks to our specialized equipment and experience, we are capable of effectively addressing any challenges associated with high-altitude work in hard-to-reach locations.

worker in the process of felling a tree with a chainsaw

Risky felling of trees

We provide expert tree trimming and removal services at high altitudes with utmost caution to ensure the safety and protection of all adjacent structures. Our team utilizes specialized techniques and equipment that allow for controlled and safe removal of trees, even in close proximity to buildings. Our services are ideal for situations where there is a need to prevent any risk of damage to surrounding infrastructure.

a height worker hangs from a rope and repairs the facade

Height work of all kinds

If you require a service you can’t find on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us with any request. Our team is ready to offer personalized, free consultations to find effective solutions for any specific situation. We believe that there is a solution for every problem, and we are here to help you find the best one. Approach us with confidence, no matter the complexity or uniqueness of your request.


ABOUT US high-rise works Prague

We specialize in performing work in hard-to-reach locations utilizing modern climbing techniques, which can save you significant costs associated with scaffolding rentals and obtaining necessary permits. Our team consists of certified professionals with proven expertise in high-altitude and open-depth work. We take pride in using only the best equipment from renowned brands such as Singing Rock, Rock Empire, Petzl, Kong, Cousin Trestec, and Beal. This equipment not only enhances the safety of our operations but also ensures high efficiency and quality of work performed. Rely on our expertise and experience, and we guarantee your utmost satisfaction with the results.

Our approach minimizes environmental impact and logistical complexities, providing a streamlined solution to maintenance, installation, and repair challenges in difficult-to-access areas. Whether you need building inspections, construction tasks, or emergency repairs, our innovative techniques and superior gear make us your ideal partner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your project goals with safety and precision.



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a height worker repairs facade

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height worker installs anti-pigeon spikes

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