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Professional High-rise Demolition and Manual Dismantling of Buildings in Prague and Surroundings

For a quick solution, contact us at 792 912 549 or 735 835 161

We specialize in high-altitude demolitions using rope access techniques in Prague and its vicinity. If a structure cannot be demolished in one go due to safety reasons or because of difficult access for heavy machinery, we dismantle it piece by piece. We perform manual disassembly of iron structures, old roofs, hazardous buildings, and chimneys. All high-altitude tasks are carried out using climbing techniques without the need for scaffolding, ensuring efficiency and safety. Our services include comprehensive high-altitude work, from facade cleaning to roof and gutter repairs.

Below, you can see photos from our high-altitude demolition project, specifically of church vault.

If you are looking for professional high-altitude services, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form, phone number, or email. We offer a free consultation and estimate. Click here and connect with us today!

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